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Sweet Charity

29 Apr – 2 May 2020, Websters Theatre

After playing in the shadows this year, we’re thrilled to announce this little explosion of music, dance, light and love for 2020!

The 1960s Fosse classic about a hopelessly-romantic exotic dancer who goes searching everywhere for the love that will change her life. It’s hopeful, stylish, camp, funny, slick, silly, sexy musical theatre with heart and an edge. Pure Fosse, and the show we need right now (but have to wait til April for).

Whatever ratio actor : singer : dancer you are, we’d love to see you at one of our audition slots, 6–8 December. There’s no fee and zero pressure, we just want to meet you and see what you can do.

To sign up for an audition pack, just fill in your email address below (or, if you prefer, email us at